Simple Steps to Reaching Your Resolution

Starting with realistic and specific goals are the keys to achieving your New Year’s resolution. To focus on your fittest year yet, follow these five simple steps and create long-term success.

Set Yourself up for Success

Instead of saying, I want to go to the gym more, specify the number of days you plan to go and set workout goals each week.This will help you feel less overwhelmed by the big picture. Also, tackling smaller goals builds confidence in reaching your resolution.

In specifying your goals, determine what going to the gym entails. What is your workout routine? If you want to lose ten pounds, drill down to how you’ll accomplish this. For example, I’m going to lose ten pounds in six weeks by cutting fast food out of my diet and drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. Follow this up by having a plan to keep this weight off.

Stay Inspired

If the excitement of your resolution begins to wear off and turns into another item on your to-do-list, it’s going to get increasingly more difficult to stay on track. Instead of giving up, try new workouts that align with your resolution. Finding new workouts helps to keep you engaged because you’re having fun and your resolution won’t feel like a dreaded task!

Hold Yourself Accountable

Share your resolution with friends, write them down and keep reminding yourself why you set it. When you tell other people and put it in writing, goals feel more concrete. Also, paying for a personal trainer, going to group classes or having a workout partner creates accountability. There are people expecting you to show up. When someone is waiting for you, this can also provide an extra push on the days when you really need it.

Slip Up and Then Step Up

A huge piece of your success is how you handle failure. Who hasn’t stumbled on their path to success? When people succeed, they don’t hold onto a misstep and give up. They take a step back, put plans in place so it doesn’t happen again and let go of whatever caused them to falter. They refocus and get back on track.

Reward Yourself

When you complete monthly or weekly goals, reward yourself with something you’ll look forward to. Maybe its purchasing new workout gear or it’s going to your favorite burger joint. Whatever it is, positive reinforcement can do wonders to staying on track.


Posted January 6, 2017

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