Staying Healthy at the Minnesota State Fair

The end of August in Minnesota is known for one thing only: The State Fair. The Great Minnesota Get-Together is infamous for its entertainment, people-watching, and of course, food. With temptation from Sweet Martha’s Cookies, Pronto Pups, and deep-fried everything, it might seem like avoiding the State Fair altogether is the safest way to ensure that you don’t eat thousands of extra calories all day. However, there are many ways to enjoy yourself without compromising your healthy daily regimen!

1. Plan ahead – A successful State Fair trip starts before you even get there. Take a look at the State Fair map and locate exactly which foods sound good to you. When you’re hungry you’re more likely to grab anything in sight, so knowing the locations of the foods you want to try will eliminate any spur-of-the-moment decisions.

2. Eat beforehand – In addition to looking at a map, eat some healthy snacks before you arrive at the fairgrounds. You’ll be glad you chose to snack on some carrot sticks instead of cheese curds!

3. Make substitutions – If you eat a corn dog, wash it down with ice water instead of a giant lemonade. Looking for dessert? Grab a low-fat frozen yogurt instead of a chocolate malt from the Dairy Barn.

4. Set a limit – We all have foods that we simply cannot go without when visiting the fair. However, consider picking 2 of your favorites and limiting yourself to just those.

5. Take a lap – A trick to determining if you really want something: walk around and then go back for food! This will not only help you determine if you actually want those mini-donuts, it will also burn a few extra calories.

6. Choose healthier alternatives – Surprisingly, the fair isn’t all deep-fried and sugar-laden! Grab some frozen grapes for a refreshing treat, or a pickle on a stick if you’re in the mood for a snappy snack. Don’t forget the roasted corn, or the fresh foods at the Produce Exchange!

Whatever way you choose to be healthy, remember to have fun. The State Fair is a chance for you to relax with family and friends and enjoy the end of a beautiful Minnesota summer!

Posted August 24, 2016

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