A Day In The Life with Coach Shelly

Ever wonder what STEELE coaches do in a day? They’re busy working towards their goals and making a difference in people’s lives! Of course, they do take time to eat and sleep, too. Shelly is firm in her belief for a healthy life. “I believe in establishing a good root system”. Once established, it is easy to grow, she said. “This is my philosophy to a healthy life!” Coach Shelly shares a standard day with us below.

5 a.m.
I’m typically up at 5 a.m. I’m not the type of person who can simply jump out of bed to meet the day. I need to ease into the day gently.  Stretch, meditate, reflect, and drink 32 ounces of water.

6 a.m.
The sexy part of my day begins … just kidding! I shower and toss my hair into hot rollers. Once I’ve finished up my hair and face, I tell myself, “You’re not old! Embrace your wrinkles, girl! Now, go make someone’s day.”


7 a.m.
Even if I’m not hungry, I know how important the first meal of the day is for my body. Breakfast should always include a good protein source with a vegetable. Today, I had an egg-white omelet with a melody of fresh vegetables: spinach, green onion, peppers and sautéed kale.

7:30 a.m.
I review my clientele listing to ensure I’m ready for the day of training. I also return telephone calls and texts if anyone needs to talk about their fitness challenges. The STEELE clientele I represent know I’m there for them and sometimes they need a positive conversation to start the day.


8–11 a.m.
Training sessions! I adore every single person I train and give 100 percent to each individual. They all have their own training needs, so every person has a unique session planned based upon their goals and objectives.

12 p.m.
Lunch time! If I’m training during this time, I’ll drink the equivalent of 10 or more vegetables, followed by a chewable meal at 2 p.m. I purchase most lunches from Kowalski’s. I love to buy chicken with kale and butternut squash salad there!


1–8 p.m.
I do a combination of training sessions and following up with my clientele. I check my schedule for the next day and fine-tune any training protocols the client might need. Again, the clientele I represent know I train late so if they have any concerns they call me or text so I am 100 percent prepared for their session. Depending on the day, I like to work out and help my children with homework. I remind my children it is a gift to have a nice home and community to live in, so focus on your work and what is required of you. On our scheduled day off, we will play a little! Since I do not get home until late, I like to eat eggs, broccoli, or ground turkey with jasmine rice and vegetables.


9:30 p.m.
Pre-bedtime routines! I show my appreciation for my day by saying thank you, writing in a journal, and reading.

10 p.m.
I used to have a hard time falling asleep but now I count backwards from 100 and think of something I’m grateful for. It fills you with so much happiness when you truly realize all you have been blessed with.


Posted May 25, 2016

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